Vicky Andrew

Vicky Andrew

The Accountant Adviser


I’m Vicky Andrew. You might be wondering why I call myself ‘The Accountant Adviser‘.

The name works in two ways.

First, because I’m an accountant who gives advice to businesses. And then because I’m also a business adviser to accountants. Clever, eh?

More importantly, you ought to know what qualifies me to provide these services.

I’ve been advising small businesses for over 30 years (I know, I don’t look old enough, right?). I’ve seen some businesses thrive while others fail, and – in both cases – I understand the reasons why.

I’m a Chartered Accountant, and ran my own accountancy practice for 22 years. These days, I advise small businesses and accountancy practices, and also act as a consultant for BizNav Chartered Accountants.

Depending on what type of help you need, we might work directly together or I might refer you to one of my tried-and-tested team of specialist associates.

Why Us

Let’s consider the alternatives.

Many accountants claim to offer business advice alongside accountancy – but it’s not usually the focus of their service and they rarely have time to do it properly.

Many business coaches provide business advice – but they’re not accountants.

Free advice is available all over the internet – but it takes time to find it, analyse it, and it’s never personalised to your situation.

When you choose Vicky Andrew & Associates, you get the benefit of accountancy expertise blended with business advice that is tailored to your needs and delivered in a simple, friendly and approachable way.

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