Because it's all about the numbers

At the very least, every business has to produce annual accounts and a tax return. Maybe you prepare quarterly VAT returns too. Every month, you might also issue payroll returns and track management accounts.

We’re not offering to produce any of those for you. You, your bookkeeper or accountant can continue to do that.

My associates and I help in a different way, by turning all those dry, dull reports into stories that guide your decision-making.

Before you read any more, let’s define the kind of ‘small’ business we work with.

Every business has a ‘sweet spot’ and ours is no exception. To work with us most effectively, your turnover (actual or anticipated) should be between £10K and £500K. If yours is much outside this range, it’s unlikely that we’ll be a good fit for you.

Your business is probably based in the London area, although it could be anywhere in the UK or Ireland. If you’re elsewhere in the English-speaking world, we are currently developing some webinars that will suit you.

If you’re still reading, that means there are some useful ways we can help you.


Vicky Andrew & Associates provide business advice to accountants and small businesses throughout the UK.

We add value whatever stage your business is at: startup, business development, trouble-shooting, and exit.

Whatever you need, you can choose whichever format suits you best:

•  Group presentations, seminars and workshops

•  One-to-one sessions of individual coaching and mentoring

•  Webinars (coming soon)

If you're a small business, start here...

Are you a small business?

We provide business advice to small businesses throughout the UK.

If you're an accountant, start here...

Are you an accountant?

We provide business advice to accountants throughout the UK.